Time to get serious


Ok, time to get serious

I get it now.  I understand who I am as a photographer, what I want to photograph, how I want to photograph it and how I want to present the photographs.

There are very few contemporary photographers that I follow simply because as good as their photography is, I don’t know what they’re trying to say to me.  Now, first thing you need to remember is that these views are mine, I can appreciate a good picture that has taken skill to make.  That isn’t the point of this post.  The point of this post is that because photography is cheap these day (as opposed to the days when there were associated developing cost’s) a picture can be displayed to the world within hours (or even minutes sometimes) of it being taken and once displayed it is a thing in, and of it’s own, right. It doesn’t form part of a bigger picture (pardon the pun!).

That’s isn’t what I want my photography to be about.  This is the thing I’ve just worked out about myself, and how the lead up to pressing the shutter and what happens to the file afterwards has to change.

So first job, what will todays pictures be for, are they for a particular part of a series or project, are they practice shots, or are they just for me to get out have a bit of fun?

Second job, prepare prepare prepare.  Know what I want to photograph, , what mood or emotion do I want to evoke.  Set the goal, and stick to it, don’t get distracted.

Third job, ignore the instant gratification demon sat on my shoulder.  It’s far too easy to put a picture I’m proud of straight on to Facebook to get ‘likes’ I need to restrict the picture for it’s intended purpose.  I’m going to impose a two month rule on myself.  No pictures on social media until it’s at least two months old.  The real aim of my use of social media should be to drive people to the website (rcwphototours.com) and to build interest in past and future projects.  It would love to get the point where I’m receiving message through the contact section of the site rather than likes or comments on facebook.

So, time to get real.  I’m not going to go out and shoot with no reason anymore.  I’m going to go out and shoot like a pro!



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