Time to get serious


Ok, time to get serious I get it now.  I understand who I am as a photographer, what I want to photograph, how I want to photograph it and how I want to present the photographs. There are very few contemporary photographers that I follow simply because as good as their photography is, I don’t know what they’re trying to […]

So, what to achieve in 2016?

2nd January 2016 (100 of 157)

Another year is upon us. My birthday is new year’s eve, so a year to me, calendar and age, is a single unit of time, which makes working out what I want to achieve in that year a little easier. I have one goal for this year.  To end it by being able to say I am a photographer. So […]

So long 2015

Bikes at the stairs leading up to the walkway over Hove Station

So long 2015!  This year has been the year when I feel I have started my journey from camera owner to photographer.  I’m not a photographer yet, but I started 2015 knowing that I liked to take pictures, understood the technical side and liked to own kit.  What  I didn’t know at the beginning of the year is that it […]

So, what is a photograph?


So, what should I photograph.   I want to leave a legacy.  I want my name to be ‘the photographer Russ Williams’ I want people to search for my pictures on the internet, I want I want I want……   So how do I achieve it? Can I achieve it? Should I try to achieve it?   Anyway, welcome to […]

So, Am I a photographer?


Well here it is, my first blog post! Very exciting! Let me introduce myself.  I’m Russ Williams and I came to photography late.  I’m in my mid 40’s (nearly!) and have always enjoyed taking pictures without really knowing it.  It wasn’t until I got a smart phone with a half decent camera and some apps that allowed me to be […]